Where Does Bank of America Stadium Rank When It Comes to Betting Overs?

Where Does Bank of America Stadium Rank When It Comes to Betting Overs?
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As we approach the opening kick of the 2023-24 NFL regular season, bettors across America are already pouring over betting lines and early spreads to glean whatever edge they can on the house.  

While NC sports betting is limited to retail sportsbooks until 2024, bettors can still wager on the Carolina Panthers at retail sportsbooks. When doing so, they should know that Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium is among the league’s leaders in betting overs in the past 10 years, but just ever so slightly.

To get a better sense of that homefield advantage, BetCarolina took a look back at all NFL over/under results from the past ten seasons, utilizing data from SportsOddHistory.com, to see which current NFL stadiums have hit the most overs. This data includes all regular season, playoff games and Super Bowls played at the given stadium.

We instituted a five-year minimum in the research, excluding the Raiders' Allegiant Stadium and the Rams/Chargers' SoFi Stadium from the list.    

Keep tabs on this site as we near next year's launch of North Carolina sports betting apps scene, and remember that the Panthers even will have the option to add a brick-and-mortar sportsbook in the stadium as well.

Best NFL Stadiums for Over Bettors Since 2013

Rank Stadium Over Percentage Total Over Record
1. Ford Field (Lions) 59.15% 48-33-1
2.Caesars Superdome (Saints) 55.29% 47-38
3.AT&T Stadium (Cowboys) 54.71% 46-38-1
4.Nissan Stadium (Titans) 53.75% 43- 37
5.New Era Stadium (Bills) 53.41% 43- 39-1
6.US Bank Stadium (Vikings) 53.33% 32-28
7.Paycor Stadium (Bengals) 53.01% 43-38-1
8.Hard Rock Stadium (Dolphins) 51.88% 41-38-1
9.Gillette Stadium (Patriots) 51.65% 47-44
10.Acrisure Stadium (Steelers) 51.2% 42-40-1
11.Lumen Field (Seahawks) 51.15% 43-41-3
12Bank of America Stadium (Panthers) 48.82% 41-43-1
13Raymond James Stadium (Buccaneers) 48.81% 41-43

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Where Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium Ranks NFL-Wide

Out of the 29 qualifying NFL abodes, Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium ranks 12th in terms of betting over percentage (48.82%), with an over record of 41-43-1 since 2013.  Interestingly, while that record is obviously under .500, it's still good enough to place in the top half of the league, something to keep in mind when wagering on the Panthers playoff chances next season.

Charlotte’s NFL stadium ranks behind the league’s leaders in terms of betting overs, such as Detroit’s Ford Field (59.15%, or 48-33-1), the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans (55.29%, or 47-38), AT&T Stadium in Arlington (54.71%, or 46-38-1), Nashville’s Nissan Stadium (53.75%, or 43-37) and New Era Stadium in Buffalo (53.41%, or 43-39-1).  

Two other NFC South teams, in the Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (48.81%) made the top-13 in the league, in terms of betting overs since 2013.  

Leaguewide, Bank of America Stadium finished behind Seattle’s Lumen Field (51.15%) and Pittsburgh’s Acrisure Stadium (51.2%, or 42-40-1) in betting overs since 2013, further illustrating the benefits of rooting for points to be scored, regardless of where your vested interest in a given NFL contest lies. 

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