Panthers Among Worst NFL Teams In December

Panthers Among Worst NFL Teams In December
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It’s been six long years since the Carolina Panthers last qualified for the NFL playoffs, with the 2023 season looking like another lost one for fans in the Tar Heel State after suffering eight losses in nine games. Since the team’s last taste of the postseason, when they went 11-5 under then head coach Ron Rivera, the Panthers have failed to win more than seven games in a single season, going 32-61 (.344) during the interim period. Safe to say they would not be a juggernaut across North Carolina sports betting

Ahead of the Panthers’ December debut on Dec. 3 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road, looked at where Carolina ranks among NFL teams in terms of W-L record in the final calendar month of the year.  

With one of the most important months of the NFL season coming up, utilized to find the records of every team since 2013 to find the best to worst teams during December. Note that all teams didn’t participate in the same amount of games, so ranking is based on win percentage.

NFL Records in December Since 2013

Rank Team Record Win%
1 Green Bay Packers 32-9 .780
2 Kansas City Chiefs 34-10 .773
3 Dallas Cowboys 28-14 .667
4 Pittsburgh Steelers 29-15 .659
5 Baltimore Ravens 27-17 .614
6 Philadelphia Eagles 25-17 .595
7 Seattle Seahawks 26-18 .591
8 New England Patriots 25-18 .581
9 San Francisco 49ers 25-19 .568
10 New Orleans Saints 23-18 .561
11 Buffalo Bills 23-20 .535
12 Indianapolis Colts 22-20 .524
T-13 Los Angeles Rams 23-21 .523
T-13 Cincinnati Bengals 23-21 .523
T-13 Los Angeles Chargers 23-21 .523
16 Minnesota Vikings 23-22 .511
17 Miami Dolphins 22-22 .500
18 Carolina Panthers 20-21 .487
19 Atlanta Falcons 20-22 .476
20 Denver Broncos 21-24 .467
21 Arizona Cardinals 20-23 .465
22 Detroit Lions 18-24 .429
23 Tennessee Titans 18-25 .419
24 New York Jets 18-27 .400
25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-26 .395
26 Chicago Bears 16-26 .381
27 New York Giants 16-27-1 .375
T-28 Las Vegas Raiders 16-27 .372
T-28 Houston Texans 16-27 .372
30 Jacksonville Jaguars 15-29 .341
31 Washington Commanders 13-28-1 .321
32 Cleveland Browns 11-31 .262

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Panthers Unlikely To Reverse History This Season

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, the Panthers have posted the 18th best December win percentage, at .487, ranking just behind the .500 Miami Dolphins and ahead of the .476 Atlanta Falcons. Among NFC South teams, Carolina ranks second overall, behind the New Orleans Saints (10th overall, at .561) and ahead of the aforementioned Falcons and Bucs (25th overall, at .395).  

This year, Carolina faces the Buccaneers, Saints (Dec. 10), Falcons (Dec. 17), Packers (Dec. 24) and Jaguars (Dec. 31) in the 12th month of the year, before closing the season at home against Tampa Bay on Jan. 7.  

With a playoff berth out of the question, the four-week stretch in December will be more about pride than on-field success, with head coach Frank Reich looking to right the ship heading into the 2024 NFL season. – your source for NC sports betting apps - will have more Panthers coverage through the rest of the season.



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