Where North Carolina Ranks Among Most Tennis-Loving States In U.S.

Where North Carolina Ranks Among Most Tennis-Loving States In U.S.
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Few sports hold the type of sway that tennis has on the Tar Heel State, with North Carolina producing several high-quality pro players and hosting some of the best collegiate programs the country.  

Between longtime ATP standouts like John Isner of Greensboro and some of the sport’s older talents, such as John Sadri and Tim Wilkison, North Carolina is no stranger to the various surfaces on which  tennis is played.  

With National Tennis Week being this week from June 25 to July 1,  BetCarolina.com took a break from covering NC sports betting news and decided to look at which states across the U.S. are the most interested in the game of tennis. 

BetCarolina.com utilized 4 combined data points to develop the ranking of states from most to least into tennis. We utilized Google Trend’s 5-year search interest of the term, “Tennis,” Google Trend’s 5-year search interest of the term, “Tennis Courts Near Me,” and then awarded 5 bonus points for the states that have a Top 25 city for players or courts listed on Global Tennis Network. 

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America’s Most Tennis Loving States

Rank & State Search Interest of "Tennis" Search Interest of "Tennis Courts Near Me" Bonus Points For Top 15 Cities Total
1. Florida 47 50 50 147
2. California 44 45 45 134
3. Texas 32 44 45 121
4. Georgia 46 49 10 105
5. New Jersey 49 48 5 102
6. North Carolina 38 43 20 101
7. New York 503410 94
8.Massachusetts41 47 593
9. Connecticut 48 40 0 88
10. Maryland 4541 0 86

Where N.C. Ranks Among Tennis-Crazed States

North Carolina wound up ranking sixth nationally in the state’s interest in tennis — sandwiched between No. 5 New Jersey and No. 7 New York.  

The Tar Heel State’s biggest point generator for tennis was the state’s search interest for “tennis courts near me,” scoring 43 points out of North Carolina’s total of 101 in that category alone.  

The next biggest point generator for North Carolina was search interest for “tennis,” notching another 38 points for the Tar Heel State to propel them past other locales — such as No. 8 Massachusetts (93 points), No. 9 Connecticut (88 points) and No. 10 Maryland (86 points).  

Nationally, North Carolina finished behind Florida (147 points), California (134 points), Texas (121 points), Georgia (105 points) and New Jersey (102 points).  

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