When Will Steve Clifford Become Hornets' All-Time Wins Leader?

When Will Steve Clifford Become Hornets' All-Time Wins Leader?
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This NBA season won't see the Charlotte Hornets, currently 4-14 for the second worst record in the Eastern Conference, set many records. Safe to say, their odds across hypothetical online North Carolina sports betting wouldn't be pretty. 

But there is one silver lining for the rebuilding Hornets and coach Steve Clifford. In a matter of weeks (hopefully not months) Clifford will pass Allan Bristow for the most wins in franchise history. Clifford has had a unique path to this record, as this is his second stint with the Hornets franchise after serving as the head coach from 2014-2018. And his first year with the then-Charlotte Bobcats in 2013 also counts toward the franchise wins mark. 

At BetCarolina.com, we had fun coming up with hypothetical odds for when Clifford will officially become the winningest coach in Charlotte Hornets history. And just note that if you had North Carolina sports betting promos, these hypothetical odds could be even more tempting to bet on. 

Stuck on 200th Win

Currently, Clifford sits at 200 wins overall with the Charlotte NBA franchise (not including playoffs), which leaves him just seven behind Bristow's 207 regular season wins. 

While it's a sure bet Clifford will eventually surpass 207, it may take much longer than he would like. 

After a somewhat promising 2-1 start to the 2022-2023 season, the Hornets have struggled mightily since, especially with star LaMelo Ball dealing with nagging ankle injuries. 

In fact, the Hornets are 1-9 in their last 10 games, which included an 8-game losing streak, and are on pace to finish with the third-worst record in the NBA. 

Alas, Clifford will get to 208, but it won't be soon. Here's where we think Clifford has the best chance of notching his 208th win to surpass Bristow.

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Odds On Clifford Passing Bristow

Week of Dec. 12-18+250
Week of Dec. 19-25 +200
Week of Dec. 26 - Jan. 1+300
After Jan. 1+450
Hypothetical odds produced by BetCarolina.com and not available for wagering.

Calendar Marks

While Clifford is likely to get to 208 wins before Christmas, it may not be much before North Carolina kids are ripping the wrapping paper off their presents. 

Our model gives Clifford odds of +250 to get win No. 208 during the week of Dec. 12-18, which sees the Hornets play at home against both Detroit and Atlanta, then on the road against Denver. The Hornets have nine games remaining before that week begins, meaning they would have to go at least 5-4 before this stretch begins. 

More likely is the week of Dec. 19-25, which gives odds of +200. That week sees the Hornets play three straight games on the West Coast against the Kings, Clippers and Lakers, though LeBron James' squad is not what it once was. 

Should things really not go the Hornets way in December (and if prospect Victor Wembanyama is in play for the No. 1 NBA Draft pick), patience may be king for Clifford and his squad. Clifford has odds of +300 to get win No. 208 in the week of Dec. 26-Jan. 1. While that may seem harsh, the Hornets current win pace suggests this could very much be in play. 

Lastly, we give anytime after Jan. 1 odds of +450 for Clifford's milestone, though that mark may come with a bitter taste should it take nearly two months ... to win eight more games. 

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