Which Podcasts Are Most Popular in North Carolina?

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Stuck in traffic? Mowing the lawn? Walking the dog? Throw on a podcast! Ever since on-demand digital radio shows emerged in the early-2000s, podcasts have been making mundane activities more enlightening, more entertaining, or — if true crime is your genre of choice — more bone-chilling.

With podcast audiences growing rapidly, here at BetCarolina.com – your source for North Carolina sports betting - we decided to find the most popular podcasts in North Carolina. We began by consulting ThePodcasting.org’s list of the Top 10 podcasts in America. From there we utilized Google Trends to find the interest for all 10 within North Carolina, ranking them based on search volume. Here are the results of our top five podcast rankings:

North Carolina’s Favorite Podcasts

While you wait for North Carolina sports betting apps to storm the market early next year, here are our podcasts results:

Podcast Search Volume
The Joe Rogan Experience52%
Crime Junkie25%
Call Her Daddy15%
My Favorite Murder6%
The Ben Shapiro Show2%

Joe Rogan Experience Reigns Here as Well

The most popular podcast in North Carolina, by far, is the Joe Rogan Experience. Hosted by the titular Rogan — whose pre-podcast resume includes notable gigs as a comedian, actor, TV host and UFC announcer — there have been more than 2,000 episodes of JRE released since the show debuted in late-2009. With more than 190 million downloads per month, not only is it the most popular podcast in North Carolina, it’s the most popular in America and the rest of the world, too.

So, what makes the Joe Rogan Experience so popular? Fans are drawn to the free-flowing conversations with guests that can run for several hours. These intimate interviews cover a diverse range of subject matter, touching on topics from fitness to politics to spirituality. And let’s face it, listeners also love Rogan’s frank approach to subject matter often seen as taboo, or otherwise ignored, on more mainstream media networks.

“Crime Junkie” is the second most popular podcast in North Carolina — except for in Charlotte, where it’s even more popular than JRE. Crime Junkie taps the world of true crime to tell scintillating stories of murder, abduction and serial killers. Hosted by former biomedical researcher Ashley Flowers - alongside her childhood best friend, Brit Prawat -  Crime Junkie began in 2017.

While true crime has been a mainstay in books and television for decades, the genre has exploded in popularity with the rise of podcasts. Case in point, the podcast “My Favorite Murder” also cracks the top five most popular pods in N.C. at No. 4 The show is hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who take a more tongue-and-cheek approach to the subject matter.

Sandwiched between the two true crime podcasts is “Call Her Daddy.” Hosted by Alex Cooper, Call Her Daddy blends several elements of podcasting forms, including interviews, advice and general entertainment. Although it is the third-most popular podcast across North Carolina, it’s the most popular in Winston-Salem.

Finally, the fifth most popular podcast in North Carolina belongs to the polarizing firebrand politico, Ben Shapiro. The talk radio show releases new episodes six days a week, covering current events and news with a decidedly conservative spin.

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