Will UNC Break The Mold of 20th in Preseason Coaches’ Poll?

Will UNC Break The Mold of 20th in Preseason Coaches’ Poll?
Fact Checked by Felix Veletanga

Entering the season with high expectations, the University of North Carolina will be tasked with breaking the curse that has plagued the last ten schools ranked 20th in the preseason coaches’ poll across North Carolina sports betting.

Over the last decade, those ten schools have averaged a combined 7-6 record while finishing ranked 51st in the final AP Poll Rankings.

In simpler terms, these teams have consistently underperformed compared to preseason expectations. A recurring theme, the Tar Heels will be encouraged to break the mold and improve following a 9-5 campaign with a bowl appearance last season.

With mobile sports betting launching in early 2024, expect UNC to be a hot commodity in the state, as well as their star quarterback Drake Maye.

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Utilizing CBSSports.com & NCAA.com, BetCarolina.com gathered the past 10 teams that were ranked 20th in the NCAA Football Preseason Coaches’ Poll to see what the trends are of how those teams end up performing. 

The 2020 season was eliminated due to the difference in games played. How should we expect UNC to play after being ranked 20th in the 2023 Preseason Coaches’ Poll? Read on to find out. 

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Performance of 20th Ranked Teams In Preseason Coaches’ Poll

YearTeamRecordFinal Rank
2012 Texas Christian 7-658th
2013 Texas Christian 4-889th
2014 Kansas State 9-425th
2015 Arkansas 8-542nd
2016North Carolina 8-544th
2017West Virginia 7-654th
2018 West Virginia 8-436th
2019Michigan State 7-657th
2021 Penn State7-652nd
2022 Wisconsin7-657th
Average 7-6*51st*

UNC Will Try to Break 10-Year Curse

In general, it's safe to say none of those programs would have been juggernauts across NC betting apps in their respective seasons.

Ranking 20th in the preseason coaches poll is familiar territory for the Tar Heels. In 2016, North Carolina finished the season 8-5 with a 44th ranking. That would be the fourth-best final ranking on this list.

Only the 2014 Kansas State Wildcats entered the season inside the Top 20 and finished the campaign on the Top 25 Final Rankings after a best 9-4 record. Texas Christian and West Virginia each appear twice on this list.

TCU appears back-to-back in 2012 and 2013, ending with 7-6 and 4-8 records, respectively. The Horned Frogs quickly went downhill, earning a 58th and 89th final ranking. 

The Mountaineers also featured back-to-back in 2017 and 2018. They finished with 7-6 and 8-4 records in those years, respectively. 

The Tar Heels football odds entering the season is at +1000 to clinch the ACC and +10000 to win the national championship. 

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