Funny March Madness Bracket Names 2024: Top 60 Names for Pools

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Now that North Carolina sports betting has launched, March Madness is here for all those with a passion for hoops and drama. Plenty of fans are looking to get a jump on their March Madness brackets by paying attention to conference tournament seedings, injuries, and who’s hot and who’s not. Unfortunately, what gets less attention, is the hard work that goes into naming one’s March Madness Bracket. After all, by the end of the first weekend, a clever name might be all your bracket has to offer.

So, as a public service, offers top names for bracket pools in a variety of different categories. 

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Funny March Madness Bracket Names 2024

One of the most popular names from a decade ago, Baracket Obama, doesn’t really play anymore, and this year’s presidential candidates have never shown an affinity for hoops. Besides, who wants to ruin the excitement of the NCAA Tournament, with politics? With loosened transfer rules, NIL, conference realignment, and Covid year eligibility, there’s enough politics already in college hoops.

  • Baby Got Brack
  • I Busted My Bracket
  • Cinderella Story
  • No Dunks Given
  • Brack On Track
  • 1 Seed To Rule Them All
  • Church of Bracketology 
  • Full Metal Bracket

Team-Related March Madness Bracket Names

Here we’ve chosen names for teams likely to make a lengthy tournament run, but maybe you’re pulling for some mid-major or your alma mater making a rare appearance in the Big Dance. “Boise Will Be Boise” is a good name for the Boise St. Broncos, or maybe “Hoot’s Your Daddy?” for the Florida Atlantic Owls.

  • This Is How We Purdue It! (Purdue Boilermakers)
  • Spoilermakers (Purdue Boilermakers)
  • Pros & UConns (Connecticut Huskies)
  • In The Zona’ (Arizona Wildcats)
  • Houston, We Have A Winner (Houston Cougars) 
  • You Kansas Do It (Kansas Jayhawks)
  • Dance With The Devils (Duke Blue Devils)
  • Pile of Duke (Anti-Duke Blue Devils)
  • It’s About To Be Creighzy (Creighton Bluejays)
  • Hoo Done It (Virginia Cavaliers)
  • Going, Going, Gonzaga (Gonzaga Bulldogs)
  • From Zags To Riches (Gonzaga Bulldogs)
  • Kiss My Aztecs (San Diego St. Aztecs)
  • Gaels Just Wanna Have Fun (St. Mary's Gaels)
  • One Man Wolfpack (Nevada Wolfpack)

Player-Related March Madness Bracket Names

Here we get a little personal. If it doesn’t seem too stalker-ish, you can cleverly name your bracket after your favorite player. Or your least favorite player.

  • Sharpest Tool In The Shead (Houston’s Jamal Shead)
  • What More Do J’Want? (Houston’s J’Wan Roberts)
  • Edey Does It (Purdue’s Zach Edey)
  • Loyer Up! (Purdue’s Foster Loyer)
  • Sports Gillistrated (Purdue’s Mason Gillis) 
  • Livin’ In A Karaban Down By The River (UConn’s Alex Karaban)
  • Clingan To Hope (UConn’s Donovan Clingan) 
  • Ballo So Hard University (Arizona’s Oumar Ballo)
  • Pop Your McCullar (Kansas’ Kevin McCullar Jr.) 
  • Sears of Joy (Alabama’s Mark Sears) 
  • Kolek-tors Fee (Marquette’s Tyler Kolek) 
  • You Kam Do It! (Marquette’s Kam Jones) 
  • Zeig When Others Zag (Tennessee’s Zakai Zeigler) 
  • Much Aidoo Bout’ Nothing (Tennessee’s Jonas Aidoo) 
  • Protect Ya Knecht (Tennessee’s Dalton Knecht) 
  • You’re About To Hit A Wahl (Wisconsin’s Tyler Wahl) 
  • Don’t Be Schie Man (Creighton’s Baylor Schierman) 
  • Break Out The Broomes (Auburn’s Johni Broome) 
  • The Sheppard’s Flock (Kentucky’s Reed Sheppard) 
  • Holmes Sweet Holmes (Dayton’s DaRon Holmes II) 
  • It’s An Abma-nation (Texas’ Max Abmas) 
  • Toppin The Charts (New Mexico’s JT Toppin) 

Coach-Related March Madness Bracket Names

So few coaches are beloved these days that it seems unlikely someone would name their bracket after the guy who they’re going to want to be fired after he’s upset in the second round. Sixty years ago, “March of the Wooden Soldiers” for John Wooden and UCLA would have been a perfect name. For this year’s bench guys, I like “Pearls of Wisdom” (Bruce Pearl, Auburn).

  • Go Hard In The Painter (Purdue’s Matt Painter)
  • Hurley Bird Gets The Worm (UConn’s Dan Hurley)
  • Barnes Burner (Tennessee’s Rick Barnes)
  • Bill Self-Assured (Kansas’ Bill Self) 
  • Fried Calipari (Kentucky’s John Calipari)
  • Few & Far Between (Gonzaga’s Mark Few)
  • Shaka To The System (Marquette’s Shaka Smart)
  • H To The Izzo (Michigan State’s Tom Izzo) 
  • Honey Bunches of Nate Oats (Alabama’s Nate Oats)

Taylor Swift-Related March Madness Bracket Names

Taylor Swift isn’t romantically linked to a college hoops star – yet – but that doesn’t mean her aura will not in some way touch upon March Madness. I’d add “Shaka it Off” (Marquette’s Shaka Smart), or maybe “Now That We Don’t Hawk,” if a Hawk team upsets its way into the Tournament.

  • Champaign Problems (University of Illinois’ Location) 
  • I Knew Purdue Were Trouble (Purdue Boilermakers)
  • “The 1” Seed (Top Seed In Bracket)
  • “Dear John” Calipari (Kentucky’s HC John Calipari)
  • It’s A Caleb Love Story (Arizona’s G Caleb Love) 

Enjoy filling out and naming your brackets this year! Don't forget to check out our March Madness odds page!


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