Where North Carolina Ranks Among States Who Want To Go To Space

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Many Americans look to the skies at night and wonder what it’d be like to escape the realm of earth’s gravitational pull and experience the outer bounds of space.  

With National Space Day coming up on Friday May 5, and the crazy amount of interest in traveling to space over the past few years, we decided to take a pause from North Carolina sports betting to look at which states’ residents are looking to travel to space.  

With Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos both spearheading efforts around space travel, the topic has become a big talking point for people across the U.S. According to a survey of 1,020 people aged 18 to 64, Statista.com reported in 2019 that around 75% of U.S. residents are either very interested or moderately interested in “space exploration.”

Utilizing Google Trends, BetCarolina.com looked at which states have been searching for the terms “Can I Go To Space” “How To Go To Space” and “Travel To Space” during the last 12 months. Once receiving the data from each term, we averaged out the data to receive our top 10 states most interested in going to infinity and beyond.  

States With Most Interest In Going To Space

Rank State Level Of Interest In Search Terms
1 Oklahoma 91
2North Carolina 83
3 Virginia 82
T4Rhode Island 79
T4 Nebraska 79
6 Kansas 77
7Washington 75
8 South Carolina 74
T9Colorado 72
T9 Utah 72

N.C. Among Leading States For Space Interest

It’s safe to say that North Carolina residents share a desire to travel beyond our stratosphere, with a search term interest score of 84, ranking second nationally behind only Oklahoma (at 91).  

The Tar Heel State ranked ahead of Virginia (82), Rhode Island, and Nebraska (79 apiece) on the national level when it came to interest in search terms related to space, showing North Carolina’s connection with the great beyond.  

With space travel being more and more available by the day, maybe someday soon the average resident of North Carolina will be able to venture to outer space.  

For now, at least Tar Heel State residents can take solace in knowing that their desire to go to outer space is shared by many of their neighbors. 

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