Best North Carolina Sports Betting Apps: Are NC Betting Apps Legal in 2023?

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North Carolina Sports Betting Apps

North Carolina sports betting apps are not yet legal, but they will likely be available in the state in early 2024. The latest bill focused on North Carolina sports betting is expected to be signed soon, officially legalizing online and mobile sports betting. For now, here are some of the best North Carolina betting apps to expect.

Best North Carolina Sports Betting Apps to Expect: June 2023

North Carolina betting apps will have popular features such as live streaming, boosted odds, rewards and more. To help you choose, ranked the best mobile sports betting apps North Carolina bettors can expect once they launch, taking into account various sportsbook app features, user reviews and ratings, promotions and more.

🥇 FanDuel Sportsbook App Best Overall Sports Betting App
🥈 Caesars Sportsbook AppBest For Welcome Bonus
🥉 DraftKings Sportsbook AppBest For New Bettors
📲 BetMGM Sportsbook AppBest For Sports Selection
📲 Barstool Sportsbook AppBest For Prop Bets
📲 WynnBET Sportsbook AppBest For Regular Bonuses

There could be up to 12 betting apps in North Carolina in late 2023 or 2024. For now, we ranked the expected apps, and reviewed their sportsbook features in legal sports betting markets, and expected North Carolina sportsbook promos.

Best Overall North Carolina Sports Betting App

FanDuel North Carolina has a stellar mobile and online sports betting reputation, and they are live in over 20 other states where mobile sports betting is legal.

This is a sportsbook with experience, and you can expect popular features and bonuses and a focus on user experience. When it comes to all-around quality in North Carolina, this will be a mobile app that ticks every online sports betting box.

FanDuel North Carolina Sports Betting App Home Screen

Top North Carolina Sports Betting App For Welcome Bonus

Caesars Sportsbook North Carolina has a slight advantage over other sportsbooks. That's because the online sports betting brand already has retail sportsbooks at two of the state's tribal casinos.

This popular sportsbook is live in 20+ states, and has a great welcome offer for new users. Their mobile betting promotion is typically the highest valued offer available in the legal sports betting market.

Caesars North Carolina Sports Betting App Home Screen

Best North Carolina Betting App For New Bettors

DraftKings North Carolina will be a great fit for new sports bettors. This has always been a mobile-first brand, and it is currently available in 21 states

Like other states, you can expect frequent offers and an excellent user experience when they launch in North Carolina. It will be easy to find your way around, and your initial deposit can be as low as $5.

DraftKings North Carolina Sports Betting App Home Screen

Top North Carolina Betting App For Selection of Sports

BetMGM North Carolina will deliver a great sports wagering experience. It is particularly notable for the sheer breadth of the choice of mobile and online sports betting markets available.

North Carolina mobile sports betting operators will let you wager on several sports. However, this brand will have more options, including several niche international sports. Whatever sport you want to place a bet on, there will be plenty of options available.

BetMGM North Carolina Sports Betting App Home Screen

Top North Carolina Prop Betting App

Barstool Sportsbook North Carolina will have a unique app experience. Led by media mogul Dave Portnoy, this is a brand that grew as a platform for controversial, outspoken content around sports – and you'll find the same edgy personality here.

Barstool's drive to be different extends to its mobile sports betting offers, with its exclusive range of bet types. There will be special props and odds boosts in North Carolina, many of them delivered by the punchy media personalities.

Barstool Sportsbook North Carolina Sports Betting App Home Screen

Best North Carolina Betting App For Regular Bonuses

WynnBET North Carolina may not have the widest range of leagues, but there is still plenty to like about an app that carries the name and support of a well-known brand.

Their steady stream of offers includes boosts to same-game parlays each week, and a prize for the biggest paying parlay for mobile or online sports betting users.

WynnBet North Carolina Sports Betting App Home Screen

Are North Carolina Betting Apps Legal? 

Legal online and mobile sports betting could be coming to North Carolina by the end of 2023. However, there are hurdles to clear before mobile apps and online sportsbooks are legalized. 

Efforts for legal North Carolina mobile and online sports betting in previous years failed, but there is now widespread support behind the online sports betting bill.

How Many North Carolina Sportsbook Apps Will Be Available?

The exact number of legal sports betting apps and online sportsbook sites in North Carolina has yet to be decided. However, if the mobile and online sports betting bill is passed, there may be 10 or 12 sports betting licenses given to operators.

It remains to be seen how many of these North Carolina sports betting licenses may be allocated to professional sports teams in the state – though it is likely that most teams would partner with a commercial online sports betting partner to deliver a mobile app.

Can You Use Multiple Betting Apps In North Carolina?

Signing up for mobile betting apps or online sports betting sites in North Carolina will be free, and you can sign up for as many sportsbooks as you want. Trying out several legal betting apps is recommended, as you will find the ideal sportsbook app for you.

North Carolina bettors will also be able to take advantage of several welcome bonuses. And, as time goes by, you might become adept at comparing the odds on offer at different mobile apps so that you can work out which carries the most competitive odds on the betting markets you enjoy most.  

North Carolina Sportsbook Apps: Best App Store Ratings

When you are trying to choose between the best NC sports betting apps for you, it helps to do some research – notably at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Here you will find ratings from other states of all the providers of North Carolina mobile betting apps, with opinions from those who have used them elsewhere.

FanDuel4.8 (Apple) | 4.7 (Android)
DraftKings4.8 (Apple) | 4.7 (Android)
BetMGM4.8 (Apple) | 4.4 (Android)
Barstool Sportsbook4.7 (Apple) | 3.5 (Android)
Caesars Sportsbook4.6 (Apple) | 4.2 (Android)
WynnBET4.6 (Apple) | 4.4 (Android)

North Carolina Betting Apps Features

When picking a sports betting app in North Carolina, there are a few key features to keep in mind.

Mobile Speed

App speed and responsiveness are important features. Sports bettors in North Carolina will want to find games and place bets quickly, especially when live betting. If you love live betting, app speed will be vital, so you can place your bet before the line changes. 

Having good app speed and responsiveness is key to finding games, watching streams, and placing bets. Be sure to have a strong internet connection or cell reception to get the ultimate sports betting experience. 


Promotions and welcome bonuses are a nice incentive sportsbooks give their new mobile or online sports betting users. Welcome offers come in the form of a deposit bonus, free bets, and more. 

All sportsbooks offer different welcome offers, some better than others. Fortunately, bettors are able to claim as bonuses from as many North Carolina sportsbooks as they want.

Wide Sports Selection

Having a wide variety of sports to bet on might be the unsung hero of the sports betting world. Every North Carolina sports fan knows the season does not last forever and there will always be an offseason. 

Sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of sports let users bet on different leagues around the world. This allows bettors to add multiple leagues and games to a parlay and personalize bets. Some sports are harder to bet on than others, but having a wide variety of sports is still important.

Competitive Odds

Getting the best possible odds is one of the first things a sports bettor should look for. Sportsbooks offer different odds, so find which offers the best odds for your favorite sports. Having slightly better odds can have a major impact on your profit.

North Carolina sportsbooks will also offer promotions like boosted odds, giving bettors competitive odds. Choosing the sportsbook that offers the best odds on various sports markets gives you bigger payouts. 

App Interface

A sportsbook app with an easy-to-use interface gives users a better experience when using their services. The best apps should be user-friendly, clean, easy to navigate, as well as being quick and responsive. The Fanduel sportsbook app is a great example of a sportsbook that has a great app interface. 

Payment Options

Having a variety of deposit and withdrawal options on your sportsbook makes it easier for you to place more money into your account and withdraw your winnings. Users can deposit and withdraw funds from their account using either a credit or debit card, and many other options.

Minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements do apply and sometimes there will be a fee. Depending on what method of payment you use, there will be a wait time to receive your funds. 

Security and Support

Making sure you have good app security is crucial to sports betting. There are cybersecurity risks because North Carolina users will provide personal information with mobile sports betting operators. Proper security can reduce the risks of a data breach, and feeling like your money and information is safe and secure is vital. 

Customer service is also an important feature. The best apps will have good customer service and support. Make sure the app you choose has 24/7 customer service, either by phone, email, or live chat. 

North Carolina Betting Apps vs. North Carolina Online Sportsbooks

Mobile apps have opened a whole new world for the sports betting market, whether it's pro sports or college sports betting. Users can now place bets on their phones from anywhere. 

Signing up in North Carolina will be completely free, and with a sportsbook app or online sports betting website, you can place bets on the go or watch live-streamed games. It is clear that mobile betting apps are more convenient compared to desktop online sports betting sites.

While North Carolina mobile apps will be more convenient than online sportsbooks, online sports betting sites in North Carolina will have a faster user experience, but not as much versatility. If online casinos are allowed in the Tar Heel State, the majority of these apps will also include online casino games.

Using A North Carolina Sportsbook App

North Carolina betting apps may be more convenient than online sports betting sites, but the experience is different. If you're accessing a sportsbook from your computer, all you have to do is type in the online sportsbook and log in. To access the sportsbook from your mobile device, you need to download the app.

To access any North Carolina sportsbook, you must be in a legally authorized state to access the sports betting market. What online sportsbook apps bring to the table is accessibility and on-the-go betting.

Betting With iOS Mobile Devices

Betting with iOS apps will be an easy process in North Carolina. To download an app onto your iOS mobile device, you must be in a legally authorized state to access the betting markets.

First, go to the Apple App Store and search for the sportsbook app of your choosing. Then, download it onto your phone. Once downloaded, you can open the app, register for an account, and start betting.

Betting With Android Apps

Downloading a North Carolina sports betting app on your Android device is also a fairly easy process. The same limitations apply to Android users. You must be in a legally authorized state to access the sports markets. 

Go to the Google Play Store and search the sportsbook app of your choice. Then, download and install it onto your mobile device. Once downloaded, you can create an account, make your first deposit and start betting.

Reasons To Try Mobile Sports Betting

Every sports bettor will have their reasons in selecting a North Carolina betting app. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Increased Usability

    There will be very few limitations when using legal sports betting apps in North Carolina. You have the capability of not only placing bets on the go, but also watching live streams, accessing lines, and funding your sports betting account from wherever you are. You will be able to place bets anytime, anywhere.

  • Accessible Sports Wagering

    You can access North Carolina sports markets and place bets from anywhere, as long as you are in a legally authorized state. Sportsbook apps have made sports betting markets accessible from virtually anywhere with cell service. The only limitation is you must be in a state where sports betting is legal..

  • Sports Betting Bonuses

    Not only is it more convenient to bet on your mobile device, but you may get more promos. The best sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses for new and existing users. Check with your sportsbook to see if they also offer a rewards program.

  • Sports Streaming On the Go

    More sportsbook operators are providing sports streaming for sports bettors, and this allows you to view sports on your mobile phone and give you access to sports events or horse races. This means that you can watch your favorite events on the go on your mobile device using betting apps. Some of the best betting apps have sports streaming so be sure to choose a sportsbook that provides this feature.

  • Account Funding

    Mobile apps in North Carolina will make it simple to fund your sports betting account. Making deposits and withdrawals typically require just a few clicks. Most deposits are instant, but withdrawal processes have a processing time, which will vary based on the method. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to receive your winnings, sometimes slightly longer.

  • Live Sports Betting

    * Betting apps have revolutionized live betting, expanding the industry beyond pregame wagers. All North Carolina sportsbooks will feature live betting on their sites and apps, and as long as you have a reliable internet connection, placing bets on games that in-progress is a simple and entertaining feature.

How To Download And Install North Carolina Betting Apps

Most find the process of downloading an app very simple. Most sportsbooks make their products as accessible as possible; in many cases, you will be able to download their app by clicking a link from their online sports betting website. You will also be able to access apps by visiting app stores.

How To Download Apple iOS Apps In North Carolina

Owners of iPhones and other iOS devices should head to the App Store and follow these steps to download a North Carolina sports betting app.

  • ✅ Visit the Apple App Store
  • ✅ Enter the name of the NC sports betting mobile app you want in the search bar
  • ✅ Once you have found your mobile app, highlight it and click Get
  • ✅ This automatically downloads the app to the home screen
  • ✅ Open it and sign in - or sign up for an account

How To Download Android Apps In North Carolina

If you own an Android device, you will need to visit the Google Play Store to find the app.

  • ✅ Visit the Google Play Store
  • ✅ Search for the NC sports betting mobile app
  • ✅ Select the app in question and click Install
  • ✅ Your selected sportsbook app will download
  • ✅ Open the app, sign in - and begin betting

State-Specific North Carolina Betting Apps vs. Universal Betting Apps 

There are two types of apps in the sports betting industry. Some operators launch a separate app in each state. This allows for a greater focus on local sports teams, but means there is a lag during which any kinks in the app in question are ironed out.

Most of the best sports betting operators have a universal product: one app for all states. These apps can be made available early in advance of the launch of legal sports betting, although you can’t place any actual bets on them pre-launch.

Rules And Regulations

Betting apps are free to download from an app store, but there are certain conditions that must be met before you can use them.

  • Age: You must be at least 21 years old
  • Location: You will also need to be physically located within the state. You will not have to be a resident, but to place bets you have to be in a legal state.

NOTE: Sportsbooks use geolocation technology to locate users' locations, and you must submit your personal information to prove you are at least 21 years old.

Do I have to Download a North Carolina Sportsbook App If I Want To Bet?

There are ways to enjoy mobile or online North Carolina sports betting without having to download apps. The first is to visit a retail sportsbook – there are three located at tribal casinos in North Carolina, all of which are currently accepting sports bets: 

  • 🎰 Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort (Cherokee, North Carolina)
  • 🎰 Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino (Murphy, North Carolina)
  • 🎰 Catawba Two Kings Casino (Kings Mountain, North Carolina)

You will also be able to access an online sports betting site on your desktop computer or mobile device – you can visit a site through a mobile web browser.

North Carolina Sportsbook Apps vs. Desktop Betting & Mobile Web Betting

There are many ways to place sports bets. What matters is that you find a method of wagering in North Carolina that suits you best, whether it's using an app or website.

Many people enjoy sports betting through a desktop device. The extra screen space and stable connectivity make for an excellent wagering experience. However, some prefer being able to place bets on their phone.

In-Person Betting At North Carolina Retail Casino 

Many people in North Carolina enjoy legal sports betting already by visiting a retail sportsbook at a tribal casino.

There are only three such sportsbooks. Two, at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River, are located in the west of the state and are run by Caesars. The third is at Catawba Two Kings, much closer to Charlotte.

Many people enjoy retail sports betting. You are surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts, which creates a good buzz in the room. And, if you like mixing your sports betting with casino play, you can also enjoy your favorite slots and table games too.

Should I Download an App Before Going To A Retail Sportsbooks?

Once mobile and online sports betting is live in North Carolina, it's recommended to download the apps before visiting retail sportsbooks such as Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort. Here are some reasons why:

  • You can compare prices on your app and at the retail sportsbook to find competitive odds
  • You can place sports bets while playing your favorite casino game
  • You may want to live-stream a major sports event while enjoying slots play

Are Promotions Available On North Carolina Betting Apps?

You should expect to be offered regular bonuses and offers when you sign up for online sports betting apps. All operators will feature NC sports betting promos targeted specifically at new users.

This could take the form of a boost to your initial deposit, or the chance to get your first stake back in bonus bets if it loses. Look out for frequent promos thereafter such as odds boosts, enhanced payouts on same-game parlays, special props on big events, and many more.    

Things To Look For In A North Carolina Sportsbook App

There are several things to look for that help you choose between NC sports betting apps.

Great User Experience

This is perhaps the most important consideration when you’re trying to identify the best sports betting apps in North Carolina. Can you access the mobile app in question easily? Does it load fast?

The best apps deliver top-notch mobile sports betting functionality, allowing you to concentrate on your betting.

Attractive Promotions

Bonuses and offers can add real value and entertainment to your time playing on online sports betting sites or apps. You should expect a welcome bonus and plenty of further opportunities for extra value through promos such as odds boosts and parlay insurance.

Wide Range of Betting Options

North Carolina sportsbook apps should give you plenty of options across pro and college sports betting leagues and events. However, you may want to visit betting markets across a host of different sporting events. 

Similarly, you may like to switch between pre-game and live betting, or have a particular focus on live betting. However you like to wager, your chosen sportsbook app should give you all the options you need.

Competitive Odds

The competitiveness of the betting odds you find at your NC sports betting app may not be a major consideration at first. As you become a more experienced bettor, however, you may feel the need to be sure you are getting the best odds.

By using more than one online sports betting site or app, you can work out where the most competitive odds are so that you can maximize your payout. If the Carolina Panthers are +115 to win a game at most sportsbooks, but one NC sports betting app has them at +130, you know where to place your bet.  

Choice of Banking Options

Betting apps make it easy for you to be an active customer by offering a wide range of banking options. Whichever method you prefer to use to move your money, if your sportsbook app makes it available it is simply easier to play there.

Always check out the various methods you can use to deposit money in your online sportsbook account. And be sure you research the withdrawal options too. This list may be considerable shorter than the one showing how to hand your money over, but it's essential to know you can claw it back easily too.  

Excellent Customer Support

One of the key factors in identifying the best sports betting app in North Carolina may be the ease and speed with which you can have a question answered or an issue resolved. Apps should have several options available when you want to get in touch.

These can include a toll-free phone number, an email address, or a 24/7 live chat function. You may also be able to get the information you want if the operator in question has an extensive list of FAQs. You could even get in touch through the sports betting brand's social media platforms.

Security Measures 

Leading operators invest considerable time and money in making their betting apps safe for their customers to use.  That is money well spent, because as a client you want to be sure your personal data is safe at all times while you are enjoying your sports betting.

Robust, state-of-the-art encryption should be in place to ensure all your transactions are safe. You should play your part by changing your password frequently and using a complex, unique password each time.

Check out the security record, and the measures in place to protect you, at any of the apps you are planning to use.  

How to Sign Up

Once you download a North Carolina sports betting app, create an account and start placing bets. To use a legal online sports betting app, you must be in a legal state, which North Carolina is not. If you are not, you will not be able to place sports bets.

Signing up for a North Carolina sportsbook will be relatively easy. The app will ask you for your email address, phone number, and additional info, so be ready to provide those. They will also ask you to create a username and password.

Before you can place bets, you must deposit funds into your new account. Once you have funds available, you can now start placing bets.

Bet Responsibly With North Carolina Betting Apps

Once online sports betting is legal in North Carolina, it is likely that all activities will be regulated by the North Carolina Education Lottery. This is the body that will make sure all legal requirements are met, and they will also provide responsible gambling resources for NC sports betting users and operators.

The regulatory legal sports betting authority will also insist that all mobile betting apps encourage responsible gambling. They should provide legal sports betting information, advice, and support for clients, particularly those who fear their wagering may be veering out of control.

Prepare To Bet With North Carolina Sports Betting Apps 

Despite retail sports betting locations being legal and live in North Carolina, mobile sports betting apps are still not available, but this could change by the end of the 2023. Once the latest sports betting bill passes, it will make mobile and online sports betting legal, and several well-known sports betting operators will prepare for their North Carolina launch.

In the meantime, bookmark this page for the latest online and mobile sports betting news in North Carolina, and consider visiting retail sportsbooks such Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort and others.

North Carolina Sports Betting Apps FAQ


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