Survivor 46 Betting Odds – Who Will Win This Season?

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, Survivor 46 premiered with 18 determined players all vying for the $1 million grand prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Survivor 46 will feature 90-minute regular episodes for the second season in a row and the season began with three tribes of six to kick off tribe play. 

The seventh episode of Survivor 46 was a tense one, with many castaways listed as potential targets after a split immunity challenge led 
to two groups each voting a castaway out. What started with drama on who voted for who in the last episode, the episode then transitioned into a 
power dilemma between the Nami and Siga. After two major blindsides, the season continues April 17 and will continue with the 90-minute episodes – which will go back to a normal one elimination. — your source for all news around North Carolina sports betting — has hypothetical odds below on who will be the next Sole Survivor.

Survivor 46 Odds To Win Season

Contestant Odds Pct. Chance
Tiffany Nicole Ervin+40020%
Maria Shrime Gonzalez +450 18.2%
Kenzie Petty+60014.3%
Hunter McKnight+70012.5%
Ben Katzman+80011.1%
Charlie Davis +1000 9.1%
Venus Vafa+12007.7%
The Field +12007.7%

Who Got Voted Off Survivor Last Night?

The seventh contestant voted out of Survivor 46 during the episode on April 10th, 2024 was Tim Spicer, the 31-year-old college coach out of 
Atlanta, Georgia.  Due to the double tribal council, the eighth contestant voted out was Soda Thompson, the 28-year-old teacher from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.

The episode started off with castaway Venus Vafa questioning her former tribemate Soda Thompson’s allegiance to her after a stray vote. That would foreshadow her later demise, however the next part of the episode was the crucial split immunity challenge. In an endurance challenge, Maria Shrime Gonzalez and Kenzie Petty were both able to win immunity and save themselves in a split tribal council with two castaways about to be voted out.

In the second half of the episode, both beaches were full of uncertainty and many names being thrown out before heading to tribal council.

Ultimately in the first tribal council, the remaining three of the original Yanu tribe sided with Hunter to eliminate Tim from the season. In a similar
situation, Venus got her wish by her former tribemates of Nami turning on Soda, due to her approach to the game.

Who Won Survivor 45?

After outwitting, outplaying and outlasting the competition for 26 days in Fiji, the Survivor 45 winner was 26-year-old entrepreneur from Miami, Dee Valladares. In a 5-3-0 final jury vote, Valladares was able to beat Austin Li Coon and Jake O’Kane to take home the $1 million prize.

Valladares was able to avoid elimination in the first tribal council of the Survivor 45 finale when contestant Katurah Topps changed her vote at the last second. She utilized her well-rounded gameplay to win the final immunity challenge, which allowed her to decide that Jake & Katurah would fight for the last spot at final tribal council. 

Between her strong social bonds, her strategic prowess and her three individual immunities, Dee was able to command the full respect of the jury to become the Survivor 45 champion.

Survivor 46 FAQs

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