Marg Madness: Discover the Most Margarita-Obsessed Metros in North Carolina

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Few refreshments pack the punch that a perfectly crafted margarita can, whether you're sitting on Wrightsville Beach on a sunny day or taking in a outdoor sporting event in this new age of North Carolina sports betting

With its relatively moderate climate — unless you're up in the Appalachian mountains — the state of North Carolina offers plenty of metros where the margarita can hit the spot. And as we all know, National Margarita Day is Feb. 22 — and whether celebrated with a spicy margarita, or maybe a classic, on the rocks lime, North Carolina locals love to honor the day. 

To help your celebration, dug into Google Trends to unveil the top 6 North Carolina metros most interested in “margaritas” between February 7-14, 2024. Based on these results, Wilmington — the city where Michael Jordan himself came of age — was found to come in at No. 1 out of North Carolina metros most interested in “margaritas,” compared to other topics.

North Carolina Metro Most Interested in Margaritas

Rank Metro Region Search Interest (Compared To Other Topics)
#2 Charlotte 85
#4 Asheville 80
#6 Winston-Salem 68

Wilmington Takes No. 1 Spot

To little surprise, the port city of Wilmington was the most thirsty for a tasty margarita ahead of this national holiday — which makes plenty of sense if you've ever visited the college city. Home to UNC Wilmington (whose basketball team could make a Cinderella run across NC betting apps next month), the city not only hosts over 18,000 students a year, but also has a wealth of cultural and sports events that pair well with a marg. 

Wilmington residents can easily slip down to Wrightsville Beach and enjoy a margarita at beach-front restaurants like Bluewater, or house some chips and salsa at places like Tower 7 Baja Mexican Grill. Both, among many others, offer deals on a margarita that will help you enjoy the sunshine, decompress after work, or perhaps both! 

Rounding out our list were Charlotte (No. 2), Greenville (No. 3), Asheville (No. 4), Raleigh-Durham (No. 5) and last but not least, Winston-Salem at No. 6.

Wherever you may be in North Carolina, we hope you enjoy National Margarita Day safely and soundly. And if you enjoyed this lifestyle piece, look for others from our team, including: Top 10 Most Famous North Carolina Celebrities.


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