What Are North Carolinians Searching More Frequently Online?

Fact Checked by Pat McLoone

Few pastimes unite Americans of all backgrounds quite like our shared passion for searching the internet about a litany of niche topics to fit whatever winds our collective watches. 

In the Tar Heel State, it seems that people are most interested in a wide subset of pop culture topics, ranging from The New York Times’ newest brain teaser game to Greta Gerwig’s summertime blockbuster film “Barbie.”

With National Internet Day arriving on Sunday, BetCarolina.com took a break from preparing for mobile North Carolina sports betting and used Google Trends to uncover the search queries with the biggest increase in frequency over the past six months (4/24/2023 – 10/24/2023) in North Carolina.

Frequent North Carolina Search Terms

It stands to reason that when ESPN Bet North Carolina and other betting apps get going next year, there will be a in interest in those terms. Until then, here are the searches that are multiplying rapidly.

RankQueryVolume % Increase
1”connections nyt”1450%
2”barbie movie”950%
3”us open”900%
4”guardians of the galaxy 3”450%
5”mlb standings”400%
6”severe thunderstorm watch”350%
T7”hurricane tracker”300%
T7”Johannes Brahms”300%
T7”mlb scores”300%


Puzzle Game Ranks No. 1

NC sports betting apps are not ready, so it makes sense that a popular games app is getting a lot of attention. The top search term in North Carolina was “Connections NYT,” which has to do with the Old Gray Lady’s popular word connection game. Overall, that search term saw interest soar between late April and late October, with search volume totals increasing by 1450% during that timeframe, while the state’s No. 2 search term (“Barbie Movie”) only had a 950% increase in traffic, by comparison.

Trailing those two topics in North Carolina were queries for “US Open” (900% increase), “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” (450% increase) and “MLB standings” (400% increase), showing how wide-ranging Carolina’s interests are online.

Rounding out the list in the Tar Heel State, search query wise, was “Severe Thunderstorm Watch” (350% increase), “Hurricane Tracker,” “Johannes Brahms,” “Braves” and “MLB Scores” (all 300% increases). Those were motivated by a host of local and national storylines that impacted Carolina, in particular. When the lid is lifted on sports betting in the state in 2024, be sure to be armed with North Carolina sportsbook promos.


Christopher Boan is a lead writer at BetCarolina.com specializing in covering state issues. He has covered sports and sports betting in Arizona for more than seven years, including stops at ArizonaSports.com, the Tucson Weekly and the Green Valley News.

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