What Are North Carolina’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavors?


As we hit the unofficial midway point of the summer months, there’s nothing better to beat the searing heat and humidity of the South quite like a scoop of ice cream.  

In North Carolina, the state’s go-to scoop seems to be a pair of traditional flavors, in vanilla and chocolate, speaking to the simple pleasures that come from the frozen delicacy.  

BetCarolina.com, your home to North Carolina sports betting, utilized Google Trends to determine the most searched ice cream flavors by each state by utilizing YouGov’s data on the Top 11 most popular ice cream flavors in 2018. After completing the trends over the past 12 months (from July 6th, 2022, to July 6th, 2023), we were able to find results to get the top 5 ice cream flavors in North Carolina. 

Vanilla Takes The Crown

Rank Ice Cream Flavor Search Interest (Compared To Topics During Same Timespan)
1Vanilla 8
T2 Cookies & Cream5
T2 Strawberry 5
4Chocolate 4
5 Mint Chocolate Chip 2

How It Broke Down

The Tar Heel State’s favorite ice cream flavor overall was vanilla, as the state's residents favored an old reliable over something more modern. There weren't any sports betting apps North Carolina bettors could have used to wager on this, but vanilla would have been a clear favorite. 

The other top five flavors, using the same search interest score, were cookies and cream and strawberry (five apiece in terms of search interest score), chocolate (four) and mint chocolate chip (two) — putting the final say in which scoops the state of North Carolina loves the most.  

Now that summer’s hit its unofficial halfway measuring stick and the fall is fast approaching, now’s the time to hit the nearest scoop shop and load up on whatever flavors hit the spot.  

It seems safe to say that residents of the Tar Heel State will likely opt for the dynamic duo of vanilla or chocolate when they do hit up those shops, based on North Carolina’s ice cream search interest numbers.  


Thomas Leary

Thomas Leary is an editor and writer for BetCarolina.com, with a focus on the Panthers, Hornets and college sports. He previously worked at Sports Business Journal.

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