North Carolina’s Top Potato Chip Flavors

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There aren’t many snacks in American culinary fare that have held sway over the years quite like a good bag of potato chips, whether it be a simple salty version of the side item or a more complicated take on the fare.  

In states like North Carolina, residents’ shared love for the bagged snack goes well beyond basic flavors, however, as the region’s favorite potato chip blends swing more towards the exotic than the rudimentary.  

With March 14 being National Potato Chip Day, BetCarolina got hungry ahead of the March 11 North Carolina sports betting launch. So we used Google Trends to see what states were most interested in potato chips. Then, we narrowed down which flavors locals love the most. According to search interest scores between Feb. 27 - March 5, North Carolina residents enjoy Jalapeno flavored potato chips the most.  

States Most Interested In Potato Chips

Rank State Search Interest Score
1 Ohio100
2 Wyoming95
3 Wisconsin89
4 North Dakota89
5 Pennsylvania88
6 North Carolina 87
7 Michigan82
8 Kentucky82
9 West Virginia81
10 Vermont81

North Carolina’s Favorite Potato Chip Flavor

Rank State Search Interest Score
1 Jalapeno11
T-2 Salt & Vinegar10
T-2 Ranch10
4 Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper7
5 Classic6
6Dill Pickle4
T-7 Sour Cream & Onion3
T-7 Flamin’ Hot3
T-9 Low Salt2
T-9 BBQ2

Which Chip Flavors Do NC Residents Love Most?

When it comes to the favorite chip flavors in the Tar Heel State, the British-inspired snack has slanted far from its roots, with tastes like jalapeño, salt & vinegar, ranch, sea salt & cracked pepper and “classic” winning the day.  

Nationally, North Carolina ranked sixth when it came to statewide search interest scores related to potato chips, at 87, ranking behind Ohio (100 score), Wyoming (95), Wisconsin and North Dakota (89 each) and Pennsylvania (88).  

Overall, the No. 1 flavor when it came to search interest scores was jalapeño, at 11, followed by salt & vinegar and ranch, with scores of 10 apiece, while the salt and pepper and “classic” varieties were next up, with scores of seven and six, respectively.  

Rounding out the list in NC were dill pickle, with a search interest score of six, followed by dill pickle (four), sour cream and onion and flamin’ hot (three each), low salt and BBQ (two apiece).  

When it comes to bags of chips, there’s no shortage of flavor options for residents of North Carolina, from the scorching heat of pepper-based flavors to the savory numbers that tastes like BBQ, sour cream and onion and ranch.

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