What Is North Carolina’s Favorite Car Brand?

Fact Checked by Thomas Leary

Few states are as intrinsically linked to the automobile industry as North Carolina, with the state serving as the home of NASCAR and sharing a deep love of auto racing in general, one that will likely buck its head across sports betting in North Carolina early next year when it expands to mobile and online. 

In the Tar Heel State, one car company stands tall among a crowded field, with Japanese conglomerate Honda holding the No. 1 spot among North Carolina residents. 

BetCarolina.com utilized CarLogos.org’s list of the Top 50 most popular car brands in the United States as a starting point for the research project. We then utilized Google Trends to search each car brand to see the highest level of interest of each state for the brand.

After completing the trends over the past 12 months (from July 25th, 2022, to July 25th, 2023), we were able to average out the results to get the top car brand for each state.  

Favorite Car Brand By State

After completing the trends for a 12-month cycle from July 25th, 2022 to July 25th, 2023, we were able to average out the results to get the top car brand for each state. 

  • Honda (7 states): Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Dodge (5 states): Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico
  • Ford (4 states): Michigan, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming
  • Audi (4 states): Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York
  • Mercedes-Benz (3 states): Florida, Georgia, Virginia
  • Chevy (3 states): Kentucky, North Dakota, Oklahoma
  • Mazda (3 states): Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Washington
  • Volkswagen (3 states): New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah
  • Buick (3 states): Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin
  • Hyundai (3 states): Alabama, Arizona, Illinois
  • 1 state: California (Tesla), Hawaii (Toyota), Maine (Volvo), Nebraska (Lincoln), Nevada (BMW), New Jersey (Land Rover), Ohio (Kia), Rhode Island (Alfa Romeo), Tennessee (Nissan), Texas (Lamborghini), Vermont (Subaru), West Virginia (Jeep)

Carolinians Love Hondas More Than Most

North Carolina residents chose the national bellwether car company as their No. 1 pick, joining six others in tabbing Honda as their car of choice. 

In total, Honda’s seven states beat out Dodge (five), Ford and Audi (four each), Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Mazda, Volkswagen and Hyundai (three each) on the national leaderboard.  

Twelve other car companies scored the No. 1 spot in a single state, in Tesla (California), Toyota (Hawaii), Volvo (Maine), Lincoln (Nebraska), Nevada (BMW), New Jersey (Land Rover), Ohio (Kia), Rhode Island (Alfa Romero), Tennessee (Nissan), Texas (Lamborghini), Vermont (Subaru) and West Virginia (Jeep).  

In the Tar Heel State, no brand holds sway quite like Honda, however, with the Japanese motor giant beating out a competitive field to win the award of being North Carolina’s favorite car brand for 2023.

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