What Are North Carolina’s Favorite Beatles Songs?

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Few bands captivate Americans the way that the quartet of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have over the last seven decades.  

With one of the most recognizable back catalogs in music history and a laundry list of hits, The Beatles are among the most beloved bands in American pop music history — despite the foursome hailing from across the pond.

With Global Beatles Day coming up on June 25 and music fans of all ages bound to take a trip down memory lane (or Abbey Road, in The Beatles’ case) — now’s the right time to find out which of the band’s songs hold the most sway in the Tar Heel State.  

BetCarolina.com, your source for news and updates on NC sports betting, utilized Google Trends to determine the most searched songs by The Beatles in each state. After completing the trends over the past 12 months (from June 15, 2022, to June 15, 2023), we were able to find results to get the top Beatles songs for the state of North Carolina. 

The Tar Heel State's Favorite Beatles Songs

Rank Song Release Year
1 "Blackbird" 1968
2 "Let It Be" 1970
3"Ticket To Ride"1965

Which Beatles Songs Do Carolinians Love Most?

A trio of short and sweet Beatles songs are the tunes of choice for North Carolina residents, apparently, with a pair of roughly two-minute-long songs in the top-three (“Blackbird” and “Ticket To Ride”).  

The only one of the three Beatles songs to come from the band’s final album (Let It Be) was the title track of the band’s 12th studio piece — with “Let It Be” ranking second overall among the band’s songs of choice for North Carolina residents.  

Overall, 1968’s “Blackbird” off of the album “The Beatles,” was the No. 1 choice for residents of the Tar Heel State — knocking off “Let It Be” and 1965’s “Ticket To Ride.”  

Of the trio of Beatles songs that North Carolina residents chose as their favorites, “Ticket To Ride” is the oldest — coming off the band’s fifth studio album (“Help!”), while the other two came from the band’s ninth and 12th albums.  

The Beatles are still the best-selling musical act of all time, moving more than 600 million units across the globe, while holding the most No. 1 tracks in Billboard Hot 100 history (20).  

Given that worldwide acclaim, it’s no wonder that Carolina residents have taken a shine to the Liverpool band’s back catalog since The Beatles broke up in 1970 — making Global Beatles Day an event worth celebrating in the Tar Heel State and beyond each year.  

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