How North Carolina Ranks Among Best States To Date

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In a day and age where dating apps have emerged as a trusted and user-friendly means of connecting with a potential partner, the importance of location and accessibility cannot be overstated. These are crucial factors that can only increase your odds of matching with your ideal date, as any fan of North Carolina sports betting knows. 

This implies that residing in states like Nevada, Kentucky, South Carolina, or Indiana may place you at a less advantageous starting point in your goal of finding that person. In contrast, living in D.C., North Dakota, Rhode Island, or Wyoming, will put you two steps ahead of the game, as these locations provide better opportunities for planning dates and meeting other single individuals.

In the Tar Heel State, residents encounter a roadblock, finding themselves in a middle ground where the search for a partner can be neither exceptionally easy nor overly difficult. took a break from North Carolina sportsbook promos to find the best/worst states for dating.


Using data from Google Trends, Statista, and Forbes Business, created a weighted ranking by which to rate the state for dating. also used Statista to find the percentage of single-person households in each state, Google Trends for the average search
volumes of inquiries “date ideas,” “first date activities near me,” and “florists near me” by state, and Forbes Business for data on the average annual income for a single person in each state and created the Dating Index.

Best and Worst States For Dating

Rank State Dating Index (51 max)
1 DC 48.33
2 ND 40.67
3 RI 37.70
4 WY 37.67
5 AL 36.33
6 OH 34.67
7 NY 33.33
8 NE 32.67
9 IL 32.33
10 MN 32.25
11 PA 32
12 VT 31.70
13 MI 31.67
14 ME 31.33
15 MA 29.33
16 NH 29.25
17 DE 29.15
18 MO 29.67
19 WV 28.33
20 AL 28.50
21 SD 28.33
22 HI 27.67
23 MD 27.33
24 OK 26.33
25 WI 26
26 CT 25.67
27 AZ 25
28 VA 24.70
29 MT 24.67
30 NC 24.33
T31 NM 24
T31 LA 24
33 WA 23.75
34 CO 23.67
35 KS 23.33
36 TN 22.67
37 UT 22
38 NJ 21.67
39 AR 21
40 GA 20.67
41 IA 19
42 ID 18.67
43 CA 18.50
44 OR 18.33
45 TX 18
46 FL 17.33
47 MS 17
48 IN 14.67
49 SC 12.67
50 KY 12.33
51 NV 11.67

NC in Middle Ground for Best/Worst State to Date

The Tar Heel State has been ranked as the 30th state with the lowest dating index score at 24.33 points, joining the lower half of this list. Nevada (11.67), Kentucky (12.33), South Carolina (12.67), Indiana (14.67), and Mississippi (17) make up the bottom five, rendering them the least favorable states for dating.

The top five states to find the ideal date are the District of Columbia (48.33), North Dakota (40.67), Rhode Island (37.70), Wyoming (37.67), and Alabama (36.33). Washington D.C.’s abundance of activities, despite its compact size, including visits to the monuments and historical landmarks, exemplifies why this location is a national hotspot for dating.

In North Carolina, Raleigh and Charlotte are thriving cities that deliver a range of dining and entertainment options, which heavily helps the Tar Heel State’s ranking. For more stories like these, such as Is North Carolina Among The Nerdiest States? keep tabs on


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