Is North Carolina Among States With The Best Chefs?

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July is the official month for National Culinary Arts, honoring the art, creativity, and cultural significance in the world of cooking while welcoming food enthusiasts and chefs to come together and celebrate the special month.

During this month, some of the countless distinctive ways of observing include binge-watching your favorite cooking shows, exploring new recipes, venturing out to restaurants or food festivals, enrolling in cooking classes, and even engaging in food education, which all are rewarding activities that will ignite one’s passion for cooking. Next year, it could also include enjoying a meal while taking part in legal North Carolina sports betting.

But most importantly, National Culinary Arts Month encourages everyone to embrace the opportunity of tasting new cuisines and experimenting with unfamiliar recipes, forcing one to step outside of their comfort zone and learn about diverse cultures and traditions through the art of cooking.

Inside the Tar Heel State, residents have an array of dining options that provide culinary diversity, including traditionnal southern fare, but also Asian, Caribbean, Indian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Therefore, seize the chance and join everyone else in celebrating this phenomenon. decided to take a break from previewing the expected NC sports betting promos to look at which states across the United States have access to the best of the best chefs. utilized Best Chefs America, who have the 5,000 best chefs in a database to establish the top culinary talent in the United States, to collect the state location for each of the top chefs. We then utilized the estimated July 1 2022 Census state population numbers to figure out the states with the best chefs by capita. Note this is where they are located, not where they are from.

States With The Best Chefs Per Capita In America

Overall RankState# of Chefs on ListChefs Per Capita
2Rhode Island490.000045
7New York5400.000027
13New Jersey1980.000021
16New Hampshire230.0000164
21New Mexico280.0000132
23South Carolina640.00001211
24North Carolina1280.0000119

North Carolina is Home to Some of America’s Best Chefs

North Carolina boasts a culinary scene that has the potential to rival some of the best in America.

And chances are, the food is being cooked by some of the best and most highly-rated chefs in the country. Currently, the Tar Heel State is ranked 24th
for having the easiest accessibility and availability to the services of these reputable chefs.

North Carolina’s chefs are known for their expression and commitment to showcasing the state’s rich culinary heritage, specifically their Southern-style barbecue and unique seafood dishes.

They are also known for using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, boosting the state’s food industry economy. These types of cuisines will typically be at a local American-cuisine based restaurant, however, some of these top chefs can be found at local international restaurants that offer diverse options like Mexican, Italian, and Asian food.

Just in last year’s James Beard Awards show, Chef Ricky Moore out of Saltbox Seafood Joint in Durham won Best Chef in the Southeast. Then, the winner of the Outstanding Hospitality Award was Asheville’s Chef Katie Button. Lastly, Chef Meherwan Irani was awarded the most outstanding restaurant for Chai Pani in Asheville, as well. 

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