Betting Experts Tracking the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Odds: June 2023

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Panthers Super Bowl odds are +5000, making them one of the biggest long-shots in the NFL.
  • The Panthers Super Bowl 58 odds opened at +5500 to +6600 and currently reach up to +7000 in some markets.
  • Based on the current odds, the Panthers have a 1.96% chance of winning the Super Bowl in 2024.

With a new coach and rookie quarterback, the Panthers appear to be in a rebuild heading into the 2023 season. Sportsbooks have taken Carolina's questionable state into account when formulating the team's Super Bowl 58 odds.

As of now, the Panthers have some of the longest odds to win the Super Bowl. The Panthers Super Bowl odds are +5000 according to BetMGM, giving them just a 1.96% chance to win the big game. Carolina's odds to win the NFC are also long, though the team boasts the second-best odds to win the NFC South.

Panthers Super Bowl 58 Odds: June 9, 2023

The Carolina Panthers Super Bowl odds vary between +5000 from BetMGM to +7500 from DraftKings, putting them in the lower half of the league in Super Bowl odds.

👑 Odds to Win SBLVIII+5000
🏆 Odds to Win NFC+2200
Odds to Win NFC South+350
🔥 Odds to Make Playoffs+145
Odds to Miss Playoffs-170

With odds tightly coalesced around a very small chance of the Panthers winning the Super Bowl, the play would be choosing the odds with the best payout to maximize your value. With such long odds to win, if you feel strangely confident in the Panthers, DraftKings Sportsbook does offer +7500 odds before the season starts.

The major betting websites have Carolina likely finishing third in the NFC South (+350 on BetMGM), so that would likely mean a record just below .500, give or take. Right now, the New Orleans Saints are favored to win the NFC South (+125) while the Atlanta Falcons (+275) are projected to finish just ahead of Carolina.

We will be consistently updating this section every day throughout the season, keeping up with major sportsbook moves regarding the Carolina Panthers chance of winning the Super Bowl, as well as their odds to with their conference and division.

Latest Updates Impacting Panthers Odds to Win SB LVIII

The Panthers odds to win the Super Bowl could change throughout 2023. I'll be tracking all team updates here and examining how latest news could impact the team's Super Bowl odds.

  • 📆 April 27-29: The Panthers drafted Alabama quarterback Bryce Young first overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, and also added receiver Jonathan Mingo in the second round.
  • 📆 March 21: Carolina picked up running back Miles Saunders on a four-year deal and receiver Adam Thielen on a three-year deal.
  • 📆 March 10: Carolina traded four draft picks and receiver D.J. Moore to move to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft from the No. 9 pick.

Be sure to bookmark this page to stay updated on the latest Panthers news on Super Bowl odds.

Panthers Preseason Super Bowl Odds Every Year Since 2000

For context on this year's preseason odds, I built this table detailing the Panthers odds to win the Super Bowl every year since 2000.

📆 2022-2023Preseason Odds = +12500
📆 2021-2022Preseason Odds = +8000
📆 2020-2021Preseason Odds = +20000
📆 2019-2020Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2018-2019Preseason Odds = +3000
📆 2017-2018Preseason Odds = +3000
📆 2016-2017Preseason Odds = +1200
📆 2015-2016Preseason Odds = +6000
📆 2014-2015Preseason Odds = +6000
📆 2013-2014Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2012-2013Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2011-2012Preseason Odds = +15000
📆 2010-2011Preseason Odds = +6600
📆 2009-2010Preseason Odds = +2800
📆 2008-2009Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2007-2008Preseason Odds = +2500
📆 2006-2007Preseason Odds = +1300
📆 2005-2006Preseason Odds = +2000
📆 2004-2005Preseason Odds = +1800
📆 2003-2004Preseason Odds = +6000
📆 2002-2003Preseason Odds = +10000
📆 2001-2002Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2000-2001Preseason Odds = +5000

Carolina's preseason Super Bowl odds are quite a bit better entering 2023-24 than 2022-23, though they still current have some of the longest Super Bowl odds in the league.

The worst preseason odds the Panthers ever saw dating back to 2000 was 2020-21. The best preseason odds the team has seen was 2016-17 when Cam Newton was still the team's quarterback. The Panthers did not end up making the playoffs that season.

If you're interested in the Panthers playoff chances, I have a separate article focused on tracking the team's chances, as well as breaking down the team's postseason picture following the latest news.

Where Can I Bet on the Carolina Panthers to Win the Super Bowl?

You can bet on any of the major betting sites for the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl. You must be 21+ years old and within state lines where sports betting is legal. The Panthers odds may fluctuate heading into the season so it's a good idea to keep an eye on this page if you're interested in betting on Carolina.

Panthers Super Bowl History

Since joining the NFL in 1995, the Panthers have enjoyed some mild postseason success in the team's near-30-year history. Carolina has appeared in the NFL's championship game twice, losing both games. It has been a few years since the team has made the playoffs and come even close to being a Super Bowl contender, though the team hopes to change that with recent hires. Below, I break down the history of the Panthers in the Super Bowl, answering the most frequently asked questions.

Have the Panthers Ever Won the Super Bowl?

No, the Panthers have never won the Super Bowl. They have played in the Super Bowl twice but lost both times they made it. Their most recent appearance came in Super Bowl 50 (2015-16), losing to the Denver Broncos 24-10. Their first appearance was in Super Bowl XXXVIII (2003-04), losing to the New England Patriots 32-29.

How Many Super Bowls Have the Carolina Panthers Won?

The Carolina Panthers have won ZERO Super Bowls, joining seven other NFL teams that have appeared in Super Bowls but have never won them. The Panthers have won the NFC twice – 2003 and 2015 – but have never won the Lombardi Trophy.

How Many Times Have the Panthers Won the Super Bowl?

The Panthers have never won the Super Bowl. They have been to the playoffs eight times in 28 seasons, appearing in four conference championships and two Super Bowls. Carolina has won six division championships in its history, winning the NFC West in 1996 and the NFC South in 2003, 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Have the Panthers Ever Been to the Super Bowl?

Yes, the Panthers have been to the Super Bowl two times in 28 years of existence; in 2003 and 2015. The Jake Delhomme-led Panthers lost to an emerging Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2003-04, which was Brady's second title win. Then the Cam Newton-led Panthers lost to the Peyton Manning-led Broncos in 2015-16 as they had trouble getting past Denver's elite defense.

Panthers Super Bowl FAQs


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